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Here To Collect

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Whats better than an old fashioned bar shootout? Taking on legions of the undead? Fighting tooth and nail for your own survival? How about doing them all at the same time! In Here to Collect, a run-and-gun, multi-directional shooter that takes place in a western-themed saloon, you the player takes on the role of Rhade, a bounty hunter searching for a cure to a curse forced upon him. He must fight his way through hordes of unique and seemingly endless enemies while gaining new abilities and weapons along the way as he races to save himself from his predestined fate.

Fire: left_mouse
Movement: wasd

Clean out the bar of the filth that inhabit it.

Play: Collect Games, Here Games, Here To Collect 2, Here To Collect 3

Tags: Achievements Games, Action Games, Circle Games, Fighting Games, Golem Games, Guns Games, H2c Games, Hard Games, High-scores Games, Htc Games, Rhade Games, Shooting Games, Teen Games, Waves Games, Werewolf Games, Western Games, Witch Games, Zombie Games

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